Hey !!!!

The last two months have been very exciting for the band ! We have been nominated for not one, but TWO awards !!! We have been nominated for R & B Band of the year in the 2018 Forsyth County Entertainment Awards and we have the please of being nominated in the 2018 Featured Highlights awards for Cover Band of the Year. So our fingers are crossed !! Both are prestigious awards in their own right !

On that same note ! Our VOCALIST have been nominated in different categories in the award shows. 

Michael Tinsley,  our vocalist has been nominated in the 2018 FCEA categorie of R&B Artist of the Year.

Monte' Odom , also our vocalist has been nominated in two categories for the 2018 FCEA  R&B Artist of the Year, Melody of Praise Artist of the Year, and one categorie in the 2018 FHA  New Artist of the Year. 

We wish both vocalist the best, they both have worked very hard this year in entertainment !

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